Navigating the Challenges of Forgiveness

Learn how to let go of hurtful experiences and protect yourself from negativity.

Yes or No?

  • Is the feeling of being punched in the gut familiar to you? Of watching a movie or seeing a person and immediately feeling like all the air is being sucked out of you?
  •  Are you struggling to forgive that person who hurt or betrayed you?
  • Are you that person asking, “Why should I forgive when I am the one who was wronged?” or reading this right now and going, “What the $%^&*@#!”
  • Do you fantasize about ways to kill, harm, maim him/her/them – that person who destroyed your life, your soul?
  • Do you want to forgive or be forgiven but don’t know how to go about it?
  • You have tried sooo blinking hard to forgive but…. it’s not happening for you. You simply cannot release the situation and circumstances. 

If you answered NO, then it is ok for you to leave now because “Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness is not for you.

But, if you answered YES, kinda, sorta to even one of these questions and you are a committed person determined to create  a better life for yourself and your peeps (maybe you vision yourself as a badass Ninja wielding a flaming sword that just chops it off) and you’re sick of  all the holier than thou people giving horrible advice and telling you boys will be boys, or God feels your pain – give it up to the Lord Sista! 

Then listen up! You are in the right place at the right time. Let’s get you some legit results. Sign up for Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness.

You’ve got this!


I’d love to help you!

Take a deep breath and give  me (actually yourself) some time.  I’m here to equip you with some seriously helpful tools to Let Go those painful memories of betrayal, shame, abuse, hurt.

Trust me, we’ll get through this together. I am on call for you.

And the best part – you won’t have to rely on unanswered prayers or  listen to people telling you to put on your big girl panties. 


I won’t tell you to get over it and move on.

I’ll give you practical tools that release painful memories; I promise to give you as much hand holding as you need and to provide a listening, non judgmental ear.

Let’s work together to chart a way forward so that you get to a place of  guiltless pleasure.


  • a good night’s sleep,
  • peace,
  • freedom,
  • to feel like the most loved person on the planet. 

Let me help you. I promise that the journey will be worth it 🙂


 Let me help you. 
 I promise that the journey will be worth it

Hello there

I’m Dr. Sandra Hamilton but you can call me Dr H

I’m here to help women who have been hurt, deceived, or abused navigate the difficult process of forgiveness. I know firsthand how hard it can be to let go of anger and resentment, especially when you’ve been through so much pain. But trust me, it’s worth it.

I have been in that space where I have literally wanted to kill someone. Sexual and emotional abuse used to be my best friends… as were they accompanying hate, resentment, anger and unforgiveness.

It took me years to realize that my anger and resentment were eating me alive but the one I hated was living scotch free!

What was the point in that?

Fortunately someone saw my pain and offered help. I’ve learned that forgiveness is the key to true freedom. Today, I walk around with a smile on my face and my head held high, confident and assured that I am the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world.

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way too?

This is why I do this:

I want that freedom for you too. I am here to make YOU feel like THE most special, most amazing person to ever walk the face of the universe.

Navigating the Challenges of Forgiveness  accompanies you through the rollercoaster of emotions as you work through the  pain and proves to you that life is worth living again. Navigating the Challenges of Forgiveness  looks at forgiveness not from a theological or theoretical standpoint, but as a hands on course that literally holds your hand as you go through the emotions involved with dealing with the pain of loss, betrayal and abuse.


If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing, I’m here to help. You’ll get personalized guidance and support as you work through your emotions and learn to identify and release your pain.

And the best part?

You don’t need to be religious or holier than thou to benefit from my approach. It’s all about practical tools and techniques that you can use right away.

You Get:

  • A Practical – Hands On course without all the scripture passages!
  • Activities that you can implement immediately
  • The skills to Identify and Release where the grief and pain resides in your body

Here is why I am doing this:

 I believe that everyone deserves to feel happy, healthy, whole and I know that with a little help, you can get there too. Let’s work together to make your life the best it can be!

Introducing …

Navigating The Challenges To Forgiveness

Online Course

A Practical Approach To Forgiveness 

You know that gut wrenching feeling you get when you see other people no more qualified or professional than you are moving confidently through their life and you feel a stab of jealousy because “she’s had it so easy! She doesn’t know what it is to be betrayed by her boss or find her husband cheating with her best fried or suffer through abuse”


No more standing by and watching other people living the life of confident ease that YOU are dreaming of.

I want to give you the proven secrets I have used to go from feeling moody, angry, worthless, depressed, unwanted or unworthy to being  confident and self assured.

I am Dr Sandra Hamilton and I work with people who are ready to let go of the memories of betrayal, shame, sexual and emotional abuse, to establish personal boundaries, trust themselves again and feel safe in their own skin as they step confidently into the world.

After doing this course you will strut into life – fully acknowledging the pain of the past but using it as a stepping stone to create the most beautiful life that YOU WANT to live.

You will no longer be irritated and triggered by other folks perception of you.

Backstabbing will run off of you like water off a duck’s back

You will feel much more confident, light, energetic and free.

You will make the choice to Let Go of the pain and step into a more power-filled life


Lets Go!!!



Module 1 - What Is True Forgiveness

Module 2 - The Power Of Forgiveness

Module 3 - Forgive NOT Forget

Module 4 - What Stops You From Forgiving?

Module 5 - Absolute Forgiveness

Even though storms may still come your way,

you’ve got this!

You’ve learned how to adjust and control your sails,

making sure the wind doesn’t overpower you.

Plus, you’re now able to spot those warning signs of danger

and navigate your way around them. 

As you embark on the journey of

Navigating The Challenges of Forgiveness,

get ready to experience a wonderful transformation! You’ll notice a remarkable shift within yourself –

feeling lighter, more at peace, and happier with the world around you. But the most incredible part is

that you’ll also become truly comfortable with who you are. So get excited, because this adventure

promises to bring you immense joy and self-acceptance!

Sandra Hamilton, Creator of Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness Online Course

Love Notes

I hope this message finds you well. It was an absolute pleasure to experience your session at the YMI International RDE Summit at Taipei , Taiwan on the topic of “Navigating the Challenges of Forgiveness.” Your insights and guidance were invaluable, making a profound impact on both myself and the Summit Participants .

Your expertise and unique approach were the primary reasons I invited you to speak. Your reputation as a skilled trainer and confidence builder preceded you, and I knew your perspective on forgiveness would resonate deeply with the audience.

I can confidently say that your presentation exceeded all expectations. It wasn’t just informative; it was transformative. Your talk challenged my perspective on forgiveness, shedding new light on its complexities and offering practical strategies for navigating through its challenges.

Your ability to connect with the audience and deliver such a powerful message left a lasting impression. I was genuinely thrilled with the decision to have you speak. Your session prompted a shift in my understanding of forgiveness, providing a fresh lens to approach this intricate aspect of personal growth.

Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution. I have no doubt that your upcoming online course will positively impact countless individuals seeking guidance in navigating the intricate journey of forgiveness.

Warm regards,


International Secretary General, Y's Men International, Switzerland

Throughout my life I’ve heard don’t forgive because you will forget. I did not want to forget, it was too painful and so I didn’t forgive. It fueled me, but it was only after I met Sandra I found out I was going in the wrong direction. Sandra’s unconventional approach to dealing with forgiveness gave me an entire 180º change in perspective that changed my life forever.

I now understand that not only can I forgive and still remember but I can forgive and be at peace when I remember. I also learnt that forgiveness causes you unexplained physical pain. Because of Sandra I am now feeling physically better, which has given me a new lease on life.

What is even more impressive is the practical approach that Sandra carefully and adamantly involves in her sessions with me, making sure that you have to practice what you have learnt puts her levels above others. This I can’t state often enough, it changed my life significantly.

Sandra is caring, kind and never loses sight of the beautiful soul of the individual in front of her and she never lets you forget how beautiful you are. I would reccomend anyone from a child to my 93 yrs old grandma, if you need help with forgiveness, Dr Sandra Hamilton aka Dr H is the person to hold you safe and take you through those murky waters to the other side.

Forever in your debt Dr H



Dr Sandra is pretty awesome. She captured our attention right away and kept us focused. She taught us how to release anger from our body system. That lesson gave me tranquility in my mind. I am not even sure that I was aware of my deep anger before the session. I do know that by the end of the session I had released my anger. My body was no longer tense.

She gets my highest commendations. If someone is confused or angry, and doesn’t know how to control himself/herself, there is no one better.



Sandra exemplifies a remarkable blend of wisdom, grace, and humility. As a life coach, she goes beyond conventional approaches, guiding us from pain to healing and hate to forgiveness with practicality. Her enduring commitment to learning mirrors her ability to illuminate life’s nuances.

Personally, Sandra’s influence has been transformative, shaping my perspective as a medical professional. Her insightful counsel, like
“it needed to happen so you build the necessary muscles to navigate where you need to be. So remain open to being taught what’s next.” resonates, becoming an integral part of my journey- She may not remember this conversation but it continues to shape the lense through which I encounter life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to everyone, envisioning even my late grandmother benefiting from the wisdom and company of this phenomenal woman.

Dwightdaniel, Brazil

I just thought to write this to thank you. It might not be a big deal for you but to me now that I think of it you helped me get some things out of my system that I didn’t know was clogged up in the first place. I hope everything is well with you and your work.

P.S- Just finished reading a book called Piercing the Darkness Author : Frank E Peretti and it made me think of you and the kind of work you do to help people.

You are truly gifted and I would reccommend anyone who needs help dealing with forgiving others or themselves to work with you. Its life changing.


Thank you Dr H and God bless




This All Sounds Great But…

How does this course help me to forgive?

‘Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness’ helps you to understand your inner-self, what really bothers you and your primary triggers. It also walks you through the physiology of your pain and how to release it.

‘Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness’ gives you a step by step path to let go of the memories that are keeping you rooted in the past so that both men and women who have been betrayed and abused can leverage research based emotional switches to live happily in the present.

Will I need extra counselling with this course?

‘Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness’…..

Is not counselling. Rather, it offers you support as you reflect on the issues in your life that are stopping you from moving forward.

‘Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness’ will provide practical steps to find the real source of your pain and help you to heal.

If you feel triggered at any point, reach out to me and I will help you through it. There is no additional cost for this. 

For one on one counselling just drop me an email at You can also WhatsApp me @: # +1(876) 849-7067. I promise to respond smile

Can I gift this course to someone?

Yes you can. After paying for the course, send us an email with proof of purchase along with the name and email address of the person you are gifting.

How confidential is my information kept if I speak to you?

On pain of death, I, Dr. Sandra Rose Hamilton, promise to keep your information close to my chest. Your identity will never be revealed without explicit permission. I would rather to be quartered and drawn than …. WOAH! That’s a bit dramatic! I would rather to walk the plank than to intentionally break your trust.

How long is the course?

Feel free to work through the course at your own pace, whether that means taking it slow or speeding through it. The course consists of 11 video presentations, as well as activities and reflections to help you along the way.

I suggest taking your time with it, as you’ll likely gain new insights into your behavior after completing each section.

If you have an “aha” moment in the middle of the night, feel free to revisit that section of the course.

Remember, this course is yours to own and make the most of!

Is there one on one counselling attached to this course?

No. For one on one counselling just drop me an email at You can also WhatsApp me @: # +1(876) 849-7067.. In our conversation we will discuss your life goals, how you are feeling now and where you want to get to. We will decide if I am the best person for you and/or I will refer you to counsellors who best fit your personality and your needs. There is no cost for this booking. It is absolutely free. Let’s talk.

Are there materials with this course?

Navigating The Challenges Of Forgiveness consists of 11 videos plus activities, journal prompts and meditations

Do I have to pay extra for the materials?

No you do not, all materials for the course has been included in the price.

What makes this course different than any other?

Well firstly … I’m unique! There’s no one else like me. So you get all the juciness of me throughout the course. It is not a stock boring, preachy course. Rather, Navigating the Challenges of Forgiveness takes a practical approach to healing with real life examples.

As if that were not enough, we look not only at the mental and emotional effects of forgiveness and lack thereof, but also how those emotions affect the physical body and how to release it.

And finally…. Drum roll….You get me – live and in person. So if at any point something comes up and you really need to talk, then just reach out to me. You can also reach out to me on WhatsApp +1(876) 849-7067. I promise to respond smile personally.

Did I tell you that you might find yourself actually laughing as you work your way through the course?

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