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All the Sexual Trauma


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What I needed then and for several years thereafter, was someone to talk to where I could be raw and real and honest and unafraid. Someone who would see and acknowledge my pain behind the professional mask and still respect me.

I wanted, no needed, a safe place.

I needed to be heard.
I needed space to be vulnerable.
I need to let my guard down; to stop pretending that everything is all right.
It is not. I am tearing up inside.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandra Hamilton.

Having survived sexual assault as a teenager, I understand the pain and fear that comes with being a survivor; that need to alternatively explore then hide from your own truth. The shame, self-sabotage and lack of boundaries. The scars stay with us for a lifetime.

I faced my own battles with despair and suicidal ideation. The trauma left by sexual assault is devastating and long-lasting.

I would like to share my gifts of deep listening, comfort, and healing with you so that you can find deep and lasting joy and stop the subconscious, internal shaking that comes from battling for your life, hating yourself, and defining yourself by a history over which you had no control.


Let’s Work On Your Freedom




My Pinky Promise to You

I believe you possess unlimited possibilities to achieve your dreams.
It’s time to break free from the bondage of sexual abuse.


Let me hold you safe on your journey to conquering fears as you…

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